Friday, January 25, 2008


There are two types of ocean water: the pelagic zone and the benthic zone. The pelagic zone is separated further into more subzones: the sunlight zone, the twilight zone and the midnight zone. The benthic zone is divided into two more sub zones: the abyssal zone and the hadal zone. The pelagic zone is the upper layer of the ocean. The sunlight zone is the top of the saltwater ocean which has photosynthesis in the plants. The twilight zone is the part of the ocean which can't make plants grow because there is very little sunlight reaching to that zone. The midnight zone is where there is no sunlight reaching there at all because it is the very bottom of the ocean. The benthic zone is the bottom layers of the ocean. The abyss zone is the part of the ocean which always is very cold and has a lot of water pressure forming. The hadal zone is only found in deep cracks of the Earth's rock. The pelagic zone is more involving the life of the oceans because there is more food and sunlight is those areas. Almost 90 percent of living things live in the upper area of the ocean. In the lower area of the ocean there is hardly any sunlight so the plants don't grow which means that there aren't much living creatures living there. Almost 10 percent of living creatures live in the lower area of the ocean. In order for them to find food in the darkness, they use bioluminescence. Bioluminescence is a special reaction that lights up their bodies in order for them to see.


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